Polk County Appearance Commission – Regular Meeting
Tuesday, August 4, 2010
First Peak of the Blue Ridge Visitor Center

Attending: Joe Cooper - Chairman;; Carolyn Ashburn, Burt Baer, Beth Cannon, Eric Gass, Harry Peterson, Rolfe Wardner.
Not attending: Reneé McDermott – Polk County Commissioner, Glenn Franklin
Guests: Ernie Kan, Lisa Krolak

Chairman Joe Cooper called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.
The agenda was amended to include discussion of the visual impact of the under-construction Dollar General in Tryon.

Web Page: www.beautifulfoothills.org . Burt Baer reported that the new web page is now up and running. Discussion included: (1) publicizing the web page with a newspaper article, (2) linking the web page to other local web pages with similar interests, (3) limiting updating of the web page to 3 – 4 times annually with the exception of items under news tab and (4) changing a few minor details. The commission applauded the work on this project by Burt Baer, Thomas Oder, the web page designer, Carolyn Ashburn and others.

Appearance Commission Budget: The need to have regular reports on the expenditures of the commission on such projects as the web page was discussed. The following motion was made by Burt Baer, seconded by Carolyn Ashburn, and carried unanimously: (1) The minutes should include expenditures and balance available in appearance commission funds and (2) the director of each project would report costs associated with a project for commission approval.

Joe Cooper reported the 2010 budget is $2500. As of August 2nd approximately $31 had been spent to pay the remainder of the web page costs, leaving a balance of approximately $2469. Carolyn Ashburn agreed to report the exact numbers for the next meeting.

Dark Sky Ordinance: Lisa Krolak reviewed a letter to the Unified Development Ordinance committee recommending inclusion of DarkSky/Lighting regulations in the Unified Development Ordinance. Burt Baer made a motion, Harry Peterson seconded, that the letter be sent to Unified Development Ordinance consultant Dale Holland. The motion carried unanimously. The letter content follows as an attachment to these minutes.

20/20 Comprehensive Plan goals and other projects:
Joe Cooper encouraged each commission member to adopt a project. Burt Baer would like to work on education and community support of the liter cleanup and prevention project and Beth Cannon would like to work on landscaping, gardens and outdoor sculpture and art around the Courthouse and Womack Building. These along with the Beautification Awards project and the on-going Gateway Development project would be the focus of the commission for the coming year.

Other: Rolfe Wardner expressed concern about the visual impact of the under-construction Dollar General in Tryon, and about existing City of Tyron ordinances relating to new construction appearances and landscaping. Wardner will speak to the city officials and interested others about this.

Chris Ambrust, Economic Development officer for the City of Tryon, will be invited to attend our next meeting. The agenda will also include the power point video of the Gateway Development project.

The next meeting is September 7th at 5:30 p.m. at the Visitors Center at Hwy 108 and Walker Street. Visitors are always welcomed.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 p.m.

Attachment: Letter of August 3, 2010 to Dale Holland

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