Promoting Beauty in Polk County          

Polk County Appearance Commission


Polk County Appearance Commission – Regular Meeting 
Tuesday, April 5, 2011
First Peak of the Blue Ridge Visitors Center

Attending: Carolyn Ashburn, Burt Baer, Beth Cannon, Commissioner Renee McDermott, and Rolfe Wardner
Absent: Chairman Joe Cooper, Eric Gass
Guests: Ernie Kahn and Brenda Ward

In the chairman’s absence, Burt Baer called the meeting order at 5:35 p.m.

Minutes of the February meeting were approved as corrected.

Financial Report: $1,973.50 remains in the budget. Two bills are outstanding: web site development bill of $85 and Reimbursement to Brenda Ward for trees of $54. The fiscal year ends June 30.

Beautification Award: The newspaper article will not be published since submissions for the award are due April 15th. Rolfe, Burt and Beth will serve as a judging committee. The only signature on the award certificate will be Joe Cooper’s as Appearance Commission chair.

Columbus Ward Street Tree Planting: Brenda reported that six Cherokee Princess Dogwood trees are now in the ground along Ward Street. This project was supported by the support of Tryon Garden Club, the Daffy Jills Garden Club, and the Master Gardeners. 
A local gardener has developed an unusual variety of dogwood and has offered the tree for planting. It was agreed that the tree is too small at this point in time and would need too much care at this stage to be included in the Ward Street project. Brenda will care for the tree until it is larger.

S183 (Selective Vegetation Removal/State highways): 
A motion was made by Rolfe, seconded by Carolyn, and carried unanimously, to express in writing to Representative David Guice and Senator Apodaca that the Appearance Commission unanimously rejects of the intent of this bill. Carolyn will write a letter for Joe’s signature. Each member was encouraged to contact Guice and Apodaca individually.

Adopt-A-Block Project: Burt reported that an article will be published in the paper to encourage interest. Ernie will present the project to the Town of Columbus for their support; Rolfe will contact the Town of Tryon town manager. A visual survey of Saluda did not indicate a need for the Adopt-A-Block project. Joe was not present to report on his meeting with the Chamber of Commerce response to serve as overseer/coordinator of this project.

Columbus Gateway Tree Planting: No report on this phase of the Gateway project.

Budget Planning and Project priorities: The commission decided to wait on prioritizing monies remaining in the 2010-2011 fiscal year budget until the June meeting. At that time there are several projects (part of the Gateway Project from Hwy 176 between Tryon and the SC line, etc.) that could be supported with these funds. 
Brenda told the group that a grant application has been sent in for a ScottsMiracleGro grant for funds to buy planters for the Womack Building. This grant will be awarded on May 20th.

Next meeting will be May3rd at 5:30 p.m. at the First Peak of the Blue Ridge Visitors Center.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:15 p.m.