Promoting Beauty in Polk County          

Polk County Appearance Commission


Polk County Appearance Commission – Regular Meeting 
Tuesday, January 4, 2011
First Peak of the Blue Ridge Visitors Center

Attending: Joe Cooper – Chairman; Carolyn Ashburn, Burt Baer, Beth Cannon, Commissioner Renee McDermott, Harry Peterson 
Not attending: Eric Gass, Rolfe Wardner
Guests: Glenn Franklin, Karen Jones, Carroll Rush

Chairman Joe Cooper called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

Minutes of the November meeting will be reviewed at February meeting.
Financial Report: Carolyn reported $526.50 spent year to date; $1,973.50 remains in the budget.
Budget for these monies will be discussed in February. Note that the new fiscal year will begin in July.

Abandoned mobile homes/trailers: Carroll Rush reported that the process of Polk County implementing a voluntary program for disassembling and removal of abandoned trailers is making progress. Rush gave a detailed review of the steps that have been taken and that will follow. Rush was thanked for his work as a volunteer citizen on this project. A motion was made by Franklin, seconded by Baer, and adopted unanimously to endorse the project for disassembly and removal of abandoned mobile homes and trailers.

Review of 2010: Cooper reviewed the 2010 projects and programs of the Appearance Commission These included, but are not limited to, a new webpage; receipt of a grant from PCCF to the Town of Columbus to implement part of the Gateway Project, the doubling of participation in the Adopt-A-Highway program that resulted from the publishing of a brochure and from the contacts made by Libbie Johnson; and the planting of trees at the I-26 & Hwy 108 interchange.

Columbus Tree Planting and Gateway Tree Planting: The town of Columbus manager is now scheduling the tree planting along Hwy 108 near Food Lion. February-March planting is expected.

Status of the Polk County Unified Development Ordinance committee work: Commissioner McDermott reported that a preliminary draft is being circulated among committee members for review and comment. The hired consultant will compile these comments and return them to the committee. The next meeting is January 20th to discuss “how to proceed.”

Adopt-A-Highway and Adopt-A-Block Programs: Libbie Johnson will continue contacting groups to encourage participation. Cooper will contact the Chamber of Commerce to see if they will sponsor and oversee the Adopt–A-Block program.

Kudzu: Ashburn reported that the Saluda Community Land Trust will seek grant money from the PCCF for controlling kudzu along the Pacolet River from Saluda down to Tryon. A motion was made by Baer, seconded by Franklin, and adopted unanimously to endorse the project and the application for grant monies to control kudzu along the Pacolet River by the Saluda Community Land Trust.

Appearance Matters: News articles for January will include one article reviewing 2010 projects and another article on the Beautification Awards.

Historical Designation: Franklin reported contacting Cathy Ruth and Anna Pack Connor to determine interest in pursuing this designation. She found there is little support at this time.

Next meeting will be February 1st at 5:30 p.m. at the First Peak of the Blue Ridge Visitors Center.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:00 p.m.