Promoting Beauty in Polk County          

Polk County Appearance Commission


Polk County Appearance Commission – Regular Meeting 
Tuesday, March 1, 2011
First Peak of the Blue Ridge Visitors Center

Attending: Joe Cooper – Chairman; Carolyn Ashburn, Burt Baer, Beth Cannon, Eric Gass, and Rolfe Wardner
Absent: Commissioner Renee McDermott, Harry Peterson
Guests: Glenn Franklin, Karen Jones, Ernie Kahn, Brenda Ward

Chairman Joe Cooper called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

Minutes of the February meeting were approved.

Financial Report: Carolyn reported $526.50 spent year to date; $1,973.50 remains in the budget. The fiscal year ends June 30.

Columbus Gateway Tree Planting: The town of Columbus manager is working with DOT to establish right-of-way. Planting may be delayed until the fall. Questions were asked about meeting use-of-funds deadlines of the PCCF grant if planting were delayed.

Columbus Ward Street Tree Planting: Brenda reported that two Cherokee Princess Dogwood trees are now in the ground on Ward Street: one a Town Hall of Columbus and the other at the Sheriff’s department. Planting of six more trees along Ward Street are planned with the support of Tryon Garden Club, the Daffy Jills Garden Club, and the Master Gardeners. Brenda was thanked for her work on and continued interest in this project.

Saluda Tree Planting at I-26 Interchange: Carolyn reported that DOT has finished planting trees at this interchange. She will write thank-you letters to Walter Hoover, a local volunteer who has has been helpful in this project, and DOT district environmental engineer Richard Queen, who has supported our request for landscaping the interchange.

Adopt-A-Block Project: Joe will meet with the Chamber of Commerce next week to discuss their participation as overseer/coordinator of this project.

Adopt-A-Highway Project: Burt reported that a news article for April publication is ready. Since the state sponsors this project, our participation continues to be publicizing the program.

Beautification Award: The newspaper article will appear in March. Applications for the award are now being received.

Portable Planters for the doorway of the Womack Building: Burt reported that Polk county manager Ryan Whitson received the idea of planters favorably. Brenda reported that nurseries have offered a package including large concrete planter, soil, amendments, and a tree for $300 each.

Columbus Streetscape Development: Glenn Franklin, a volunteer who is a retired landscape architect, presented a general survey of the streets in the downtown Columbus area. A graphic drawing illustrating existing buildings, parking areas, power lines, etc. was used to review the issues that can be addressed. Glenn also presented a graphic conceptual of some ideas for organizing the area into a more pleasing, user friendly space. Based on her ideas the commission agreed that Joe and Glenn would meet with Mark Byington to determining scope of work and costs for professional planning. It was agreed that purchase of planters should be under the scope of this planning.

The group adjourned to the Womack building site in order to see the property boundary lines and some of the other issues Glenn’s presentation had highlighted.

Next meeting will be April 5th at 5:30 p.m. at the First Peak of the Blue Ridge Visitors Center.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:40 p.m.