Promoting Beauty in Polk County          

Polk County Appearance Commission

Polk County Appearance Commission
Board Minutes
August 23, 2016

Joe Cooper called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.  Members present were Joe Cooper, Cathy Brettman, Christine Mariotti, David Friday, and Ernie Kan.   Guest in attendance was Robert Williamson

The minutes from the last meeting were accepted.

Financial Report – Our balance is still $7000

Carolyn Ashburn was not re-appointed to the Appearance Commission, but hopes to stay in touch with the commission and perhaps re-apply at a later date.

Joe Cooper suggested a theme for an article in the paper regarding “dark skies” or addressing the illumination standards for the county.
David is working on a 20/20 vision article and will be written when the plan has been revised.
The Appearance Commission is reviewing the matching grant application form and this might be revised before it is released on the website in time for the deadline on November 1.

The Appearance Commission is applying for 501 3 c status and the application is being worked on by the commission.  Robert Williamson will help us to prepare it for the commissioners.  We are also applying for an EIN number and a non-profit corporation application with the North Carolina Secretary of State.
The first thing that we have to do is establish a board of directors , write the by-laws and have a mission statement.

Website -The county will need access to our website.  Christine will send the operational materials and the passwords to Robert Williamson to give to IT department. David and Christine have attended two training sessions on the operation of the website and how to navigate through Go-Daddy.

Two new members are needed on the commission.  Carolyn Cobb’s name was mentioned as one candidate and she will be contacted.

DOT will be doing the trash pickup on Rte 108.

We discussed the appearance of the entrance to Polk County from Landrum.  It is thought to resurrect the Mark Byington Plan for plantings.

The meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm.

The next meeting will be September 23 at 5:30 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Christine Mariotti,