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Polk County Appearance Commission

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Polk County Appearance Commission
Board Minutes
September 27, 2016

Joe Cooper called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.  Members present were Joe Cooper, Cathy Brettman, Christine Mariotti, David Friday, and Ernie Kan.   Guest in attendance was Robert Williamson

The minutes from the last meeting were accepted.

Financial Report – Our balance is still $7000

The meeting began with Joe Cooper introducing a discussion of the Polk County Comprehensive  20/20 plan.  The committee members went over each of the specific goals and talked about instances of its success so far.  The Plan is an attachment on the website.

Part of the Plan is directed to the Dark Sky proposal and this is explained in the article that David Friday is preparing to appear in the Tryon Daily Bulletin.
There was a discussion by members about who do we contact to implement the lighting restrictions.  The questions was asked whether there was a Dark Sky website organization to whom we can direct questions.  

Matching Beautification Grant Applications – We have received one application so far from the Town of Tryon for new trees for downtown Tryon.

501(c) 3 Application Progress – Christine has almost completed the 3 sections of the application with the help of Robert Williamson.  She is working on the Appearance Commission By-laws and then it will be given to Robert for submission to Marche Pittman, County Commissioner for approval and filed electronically to NC State and the Internal Revenue Service.

Joe Cooper stated that the Points of Pride Program, which we are promoting, would have more strength when the 501(c) 3   status is obtained.

Annual Beautification Awards – Commission members discussed possible candidates for the awards such as the Tryon Historical Museum, the Columbus Courthouse wall and plantings, the Depot in Saluda and the sidewalk improvements.

New Business 
1. It was suggested to contact Scott Welborn about selecting a tree(s) to be planted in front of the First Peak Visitors Center to replace the cherry tree that was removed last year.
2. A discussion of the condition of the DOT entrance to Columbus from the I-26 interchange was discussed.  It was mentioned that a new DOT District 14 environmental engineer, Keith Blazer, might have some answers to the plans for maintain that area.
3. The Appearance Commission has decided that it cannot agree or approve at this time the placement of an American flag on a pole at the entrance to Columbus from the I-26 interchange.  The decision will be contingent on the DOT landscaping on the entryway.

The next meeting of the Appearance Commission will be at 5:30 pm on October 25 at the First Peak Visitor’s Center in Columbus. The public is always invited to sit in on the meetings as guests.  Persons interested in serving on the Appearance Commission should contact Joe Cooper or Christine Mariotti at 828-894-2324 or at the website:

Respectfully Submitted,

Christine Mariotti