Promoting Beauty in Polk County          

Polk County Appearance Commission

Appearance Commission Corrected  Minutes
Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Polk County Appearance Commission met at The First Peak Visitor Center at 5:35pm.
In attendance were Joe Cooper, Christine Mariotti, Ernie Kan, Carolyn Ashburn, Cathy Brettman, and David Friday.  Guest was  Lisa Krolak
The minutes from the November meeting were approved.

The financial statement was reported that we have about $4500 left to spend before the end of the fiscal year. This will be spent primarily on matching grant applicants projects.

It was suggested by Joe Cooper to delete the old minutes, from before 2016, from the website.  It was agreed upon by consensus to delete the old minutes.

Lisa Krolak complimented The Appearance Commission for all the good work they have done.  She especially liked the articles that David Friday has written for the Tryon Daily Bulletin.  She is happy that we pointed out the possibility of a Dark Sky Ordinance and thinks that is very important.  Lisa is applying to be on the Polk county Planning Board.  In the past she has worked on the UDO program. 

Joe Cooper presented the Suggested Budget Items for 2017-18 for the Polk County Commissioners to study for the direction of funds for next year.  The suggested amounts can be seen on the attachment sheet from the meeting. 

Carolyn suggested that Joe attend the Budget workshop that will be held ahead of the budget planning and that he give them the suggested budget items that we discussed during our board meeting. 

It was proposed to move the deadline for the matching grant applications to February 28, 2017 so that they can be discussed at the meeting on that date.
The commission approved this motion.

Another topic discussed was the nominations for the Appearance Commission Beautification Awards for next year and it was agreed that they not be nominated or applied for but rather suggested by various citizens when they notice beautification improvements being made, such as Stott’s Ford and the gardens maintained by the Green Blades Garden Club. Those individuals who notice improvements should bring it to the attention of the Appearance Commission.

David Friday will put in his next column for the Bulletin that the Appearance Commission will be accepting applications for matching grants of up to $1000 with a February 28th deadline.

Ernie Kan announced that the Discover Columbus Group would be sponsoring a trash pick up day for March 4, 2017.

It was suggested that Lisa write a letter to editor about the good works of the Appearance Commission.

Lisa also mentioned that there is a situation where massive amounts of nuclear waste may be passing through Polk County (via I26) in the future.  This is a matter of concern for everyone.  She would like the public to know that this is a possibility.

A discussion of the widening of Rte. 108 to a four-lane highway took place.  A majority of the Commission believes that this is not appropriate for the county.  Members will bring this thought to the Tryon Town Council when they meet next month.

The meeting adjourned at 6:45pm.

The next board meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at the First Peak Visitor’s Center.

Respectfully Submitted

Christine Mariotti