Polk County Appearance Commission


North Carolina has one of the largest highway cleanup programs in the nation, representing 6,000 groups and over 125,000 volunteers.

You have, no doubt, seen one of the many Adopt-A-Highway signs in your local area. The individuals or organizations that have signed on to this program agree to pick up litter on a 2-mile stretch of public roadway for a 4-year period. Pickups need to occur at least 4 times annually.

An effort is currently underway to expand this successful program in Polk County and upper Greenville and Spartanburg Counties.  The state DOTs oversee this program. More information is available by typing into your browser NC Adopt Highway or SC Adopt Highway. If you have additional questions about this program or would like to participate, please contact us or the appropriate state AAH representative shown below.

       DOT Representative for Polk County, NC:
      Laurie Plemmons 828.891.7911 lplemmons@ncdot.gov

      DOT Representative for Spartanburg County, SC:
      Sandy Arrington 864.587.4725 arringtosj@scdot.org

     DOT Representative for Greenville County SC:
     Kim Bobo 864.241.1224 boboke@scdot.org

The Appearance Commission Supports Adopt-a-Highway

Promoting Beauty in Polk County