Appearance Commission Strategy - June 12 2010

Our vision is our Foothills clean and beautiful, with many public expressions of our creativity and partnership with nature. Throughout the county, there are beautifully planted areas on the roadsides and artful signs welcoming visitors and informing them of the many interesting features in this rural yet culturally rich area. Buildings are appropriately designed and sized with night lighting that is safe and efficient but not obtrusive to others. Public areas are free of litter and clutter and often showcase our local artists.

The 20/20 Comprehensive Plan for Polk County states that the Appearance Commission should:

  1. Establish working relationships between the towns, townships and the county for beautification
  2. Projects (paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Polk County Code).
  3. Set forth desirable standards and goals for aesthetic enhancement in public areas and open spaces in municipalities and county (paragraph 5 of the Code).
  4. Review plans and make suggestions for all public buildings, facilities and projects located in the county including towns (paragraph 7 of the Code).
  5. Formulate and recommend ordinances for towns and county that will enhance appearance(paragraph 8 of the Code).

Specific goals should include:

  1. Landscaping and attractive signs for entries into Polk County; highest priority should be the traffic circles; Hwy 176 into Polk County from Landrum; I-26 exit into Saluda.
  2. Landscaping, gardens and outdoor sculpture and art around the Courthouse and Womack Bldg.
  3. Establish a county “Points of Pride” program to promote beautification along public roads.
  4. Educational and community support of litter cleanup and prevention.
  5. Signs on the roadside that are attractive about interesting locations and features in Polk County.
  6. Participation in  National community beautification programs like America in Bloom or Keep America Beautiful.
  7. Promote ordinances that will:
    1. ​​Protect against night lighting that is obtrusive and glaring to neighbors.
    2. Protect slopes and ridges against clear cuts that are unattractive or cause erosion.
    3. Protect against buildings that are too large and threaten the rural character of Polk County and the viability of local small businesses.
  8. ​Establish a 501 (c) 3   organization to fund and maintain public landscaping, public art, etc.


Business Strategies for Clean and Green Growth

The beauty of architecture, landscaping, and signage all play a part in keeping our area Clean, Beautiful and Inviting.

Polk County Appearance Commission

Promoting Beauty in Polk County