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Matching Grant Application Form

Our Purpose: We offer Matching Grants typically starting at $1,000 for beautification projects that enhance the appearance of public spaces in Polk County.

Please Note: All requirements for grant application are listed at the end of this form.

Grant Guidelines: The Appearance Commission will seek to award grants in diverse locations throughout the geographic area of Polk County. Selection Criteria Include: ∙ Street appearance

∙ Public Enhancement

∙ Tasteful landscaping including but not limited to trees, shrubs and flowers

∙ Well maintained property

∙ Effort rather than cost

∙ Creativity and effort combined

∙ Structural improvements

∙ Property in compliance with existing codes, taxes, etc.

∙ Property used by and for the public

∙ In kind work may be used for matching funds Structural improvements for grant purposes include exterior renovations to the building that are visible from the street or sidewalks. These will also include public art, signage, awnings, planters, fountain features and similar elements.

Name and Title of Head of Organization (CEO/Exec. Director/President/Board Chair)

Your Organization’s Designated Representative for Grants (if different from above):

Note that Total Budget must be double the amount of the Grant Request as this is a Matching Grant.


Please gather the following information and email to

Alternatively, you can mail your documents to PCAC, P.O. Box 308, Columbus, NC 28722, 

or drop off at the Womack Building in Columbus at the County Manager's Office. 

A. Provide a detailed project budget on a separate sheet. 


Describe your proposed improvement project: provide samples, “before”
photographs, pictures, or a rendering; show size; proposed color(s); method of cleaning brick
storefronts; materials; location on property/building; manner of installation. If it is a landscape
project, describe the establishment period maintenance (first year), including watering (automatic
irrigation or manual), weeding, fertilizing, dead-heading, pruning, removal and replacement of
dead plants, etc. and who will perform these tasks. Describe the subsequent two years’
maintenance requirements and who will be performing them. The commission is dedicated to
plantings of native trees, bushes and flowers.
You may be required to meet with the Polk County Appearance Commission. 


B. 501(c)(3) letter (see cover page).


Your application maybe stronger if you include one or two hand signed letters of support from individuals familiar with or who will benefit from this proposed project

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