Polk County Appearance Commission Board Meeting Minutes
February 28, 2017

Members in attendance:  Joe Cooper, Christine Mariotti, David Friday, Carolyn Ashburn, and Ernie Kan.  Guest:  Jim Edwards

Minutes from February meeting were read and approved as corrected.

Jim Edwards, interim economic development director, has volunteered to attend the budget process workshop that will be held ahead of the Budget Planning meeting.  

Financial Report – no report.  The balance remains the same.

New Business  
    1.   Brief discussion of 20/20 plan for the county.  It was determined to be a     valid plan.

    Action Items  2.  Review of PCAC grant Applications for this period.  The     deadline has been extended to March 15 with final determinations and     approval of the applications to take place on Tuesday, March 28th at the next     board meeting.

The applications up for matching grant will be: 
A. The Winding Creek Brewery outdoor lighting request. It was determined that the Appearance Committee only approve funds for the dark sky lighting fixtures in the amount of $200.00 and that they pay for the installation.  The other fixtures mentioned in the grant were not approved as not having application for the public.
B. A grant application from Saluda for the planting of two maple trees on Main Street in the amount of $295.00.  This grant was approved by consensus
C.  It is expected that two more grant applications will be coming in, one from The Tryon TDDA for landscaping on the bank opposite Tryon Town Hall and around the bear sculpture.  The other application was for improvements to      the intersection of 108 and Harmon Field Road.  This was previously approved. *
D. It is expected that a grant application from the Town of Columbus will come in for a replacement of the kiosk at the Town of Columbus Town Hall.  

* These two grants have since been turned in to the Visitors Center.

    3.  Joe Cooper met with Keith Blazer of the DOT and they studied the     roadway concerns in Columbus.  They also discussed trash pick-up projects     on RTE. 108, 176 and 9.  They discussed the “sponsor a highway” program
    and the protection of the doughboy statue.  The County will need a statement     from the DOT giving the County permission to go ahead with the protective     barrier.

    4.  Website corrections.  It was determined to continue to update the website     and to find a person to help keep the Go Daddy site working as it has been     difficult to mount all the information on our site without help from Nadine.      David and Christine will work to get the instructions clarified.

    5.  A brief discussion took place about what David should put in the next     newspaper article.  Some suggestions were an update on the dark sky     ordinance,  and…….

    6.  The 501( c) (3) status is on hold because the county attorney has to     review the application and get answers to some    questions.

    7.  There are still two vacancies on the Appearance Commission board.  

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45pm.  The next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 28th at 5:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Christine Mariotti

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